Product developer / Test consultant

As product developer and test consultant at Collis (now UL Transaction Security) I worked on several projects related to software development and testing within the electronic payments domain. This work entailed a wide range of activities, from analysis of functional specifications and subsequent derivation of test cases, the design and implementation of test cases in automated test scripts, to the execution of tests and the analysis and reporting of test results. Read more...

Scientific researcher

Following my Masters in Astrophysics I have worked as scientific researcher in observational astrophysics for over 9 years as PhD student and as postdoctoral researcher. As such I have gathered extensive experience in data processing and analysis, statistical tools and large data sets, and data visualization. Read more...

Project manager

Since 2011 I am project manager of the Kilo-Degree Survey, a large astronomical imaging survey. As project manager I am coordinating all activities from observations at the telescope, via data processing and quality control, to delivery of the final data products. Part of this entails development of data management tools, and part entails coordinating the data processing team that consists of ~20 people spread over several locations in Europe.

Fenids Webdesign logo

Website design

Starting with webdesign as a hobby back in 1998, I have continued learning more and more about HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL ever since.
I have built websites for the Kilo-Degree Survey, an international chemistry conference (ArmChemFront 2013), and several academic research groups. See the Fenids Webdesign website for my portfolio and other information.